What are the children of today mostly like? Surely, everyone has something to say. Of course opinions may vary.

Do you find most kids nowadays are such whiny, ungrateful brats? Well, before you start pointing fingers as always, why don’t you take a look in the mirror first? Who? Not just parents, but all of you (who claim to be) adults in the environment where children live.

First of all, are all adults really mature / real grown-ups? I know that’s such a stupid question, but let’s make that rhetorical. I don’t meant to sound harsh and awfully judgmental to parents, since they’re probably looking at me now and scolding: “Well, what do you know? You have no kids. You don’t raise any. You’re not even married yet!”


Well, at least there are still secondhand experiences – stories from people you know with more parenting experiences. That’s still better than nothing, eh?

You tell me.

Little kids always make a huge mess around the house. That is normal and to be expected. Of course it gives any parent with the right mind a headache. Teaching them orders and cleanliness is a lifetime challenge. (I bet that’s what my mother still thinks every time she visits my rented room and experiences the chaos inside.)

However, there are also other couples out there who’d probably give anything in the world in order to just experience that kind of daily mess. Why? It’s a sign that children exist at home. They’d long to go home to happy squeals by their front door, with kisses and hugs. It would feel awesome to them to hear:“Daddy’s home!” or “Mummy, look what I made for you today!”

Some couples believe that once they have kids, their priorities change. It’s not all about them anymore. It’s a tiring, long journey – but they keep on going anyway for the sake of the little ones handed to them by God.

Welcome to life.

Unfortunately, some people tend to undermine / underestimate the whole idea of getting married and having kids. They judge and scold others for still being / staying single as if it’s the most pathetic idea possible. “It’s easy to get married and have kids.” Ah, yes. They mean throwing a wedding, inviting people over, showing off to the world that they’re ‘good enough’ to be ‘taken’ and then making babies after that. They kind of skip the part of other issues, like the ongoing bills to pay or who gets to stay home for the kids and other stuff ahead.

Or how to deal with the monsters out there who possibly target their kids for their sick, twisted pleasures or else. School bullies, kidnappers, drug-dealers, pedophiles…take your pick.

Remember Engeline? Don’t sweep her case under the rug, people. The threat is real.

It’s just awful to see that some people still treat children as their mere properties or (personal) accomplishments. It’s the “He’s my son. I’m just teaching him how to be a man” kind of remark before they start / continue beating their little boys.

“These are my kids.” Oh, yeah. Your pride and joy, living proofs that you’re capable of procreating. Don’t get me wrong; it’s indeed a good thing, as long as they’re not treated as merely their parents’ ‘success symbols’. (Sounds egotistical to me.) Kids grow up. They soon develop their own personalities. It all depends on the guidance.

There’s a lot in life out there, more than just the online games on their smartphones or Galaxy Tablets their parents provide and let them play with. What kind of people do we want our kids to grow up and become? How will they be able to survive out there – on their own, mostly – if we don’t even really want to get to know them, spending time with them and listening to them – instead of just telling them what to do to?

Kids can also be the best, most accurate copycats. We all know that everyone is bound to choose sometime as they grow up, but kids often imitate without really understanding why.

If you do think children nowadays act more like whiny, ungrateful brats or know-it-all snobs – why don’t you just take a look at yourself first? They don’t have to be your own. You could influence other parents’ kids to copy your bad habits / behaviours.

You might believe that whatever you do in public won’t matter of affect other people that much. Maybe you’re right; it’s none of their business. You do as you please. It’s all about free will, right?

It’s not your problem if someone else’s kid starts swearing and cursing with bad languages, only because they’ve seen you do so and act cool about it. If it’s your own, you’ll probably pull a double-standard anyway; only adults can do that. Adults can do whatever they like, whether the kids like it or not. YAY! Congratulations in showing them how to be the truest, sickest, and most selfish feudalist...for all the wrong reasons. Thanks for making them hate their childhood and feel inferior that they just can’t wait to grow up.

Why? So they can grow up to be just like you and do what you do, or even worse. You’re in luck if they choose to be better than you instead.

Feeling enraged that an underage child has already become a chain-smoker? Well, if you’re also their smoking parent, why is that even a surprise? What makes you think that they’ll take you seriously if you ask them to stop – while you continue puffing smokes right in front of them?

Double-standard. Enough said.

By the way, Happy National Children’s Day. Keep them safe, but teach them how to survive and thrive as well.


(Jakarta, 23/7/2015, 3:42 pm)

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