Day 5

Clear southwestern morning with little to note

Except an out-of-place stranger, his posture gives me a dry throat

Eye contact tells me “DANGER” and desperation heightens

I’m stuck and trapped hoping to be wrong, the next minute enlightens

Me. Young intuition is sharp and serves me well

He enters the car and stares into my soul, careful not to breathe

Intense focus slows time the offender comes to and runs like hell

Relief. Fear. Anger. Betrayal. Stuck and protected – unable to leave

Resentment is the day’s lesson, a new unfolding

Considering my next move, I’m too young to dish out a scolding

Silence. A new treatment learned. Today is full of lessons

More time passes, she’s doesn’t even notice – now she does

She thinks it is a prank, I’m smugly insulted, I’m patient, there is time

She’s angry with me until she realizes what happened

Without apology or condolence – absence of love

Still trapped and unable to leave – I give in, my sentence is clear

Under watch, lock and key, of the incapable, the distracted

Heavy sigh, broken heart, jarred psyche and a lost Coach purse

The day moves on as if nothing happened – a new memory

Locked and sealed – intuition sharp, new games learned

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