You don’t need to know
how I wake up in the morning
and where I might go
Let me do my things

You don’t need to wonder
what he’s doing today
You should know better
when he just doesn’t want to say

You don’t have to be all curious
about what she might be thinking
Anyway, honesty always makes you feel furious
even when you’re not really considerate of other people’s feelings

Let’s just make this clear
This is not always about you here
It’s not you that we fear
It’s just things that are no longer so dear

People change,
while you choose to stay the same
Everyone deserves their personal space
There’s no point in playing the same, old blaming game
Come on, we’re already way too old for something that lame

You don’t have to know everything
Perhaps that’s just good for you
It’s not about hate, so stop oversimplifying
There are other, more important things to do
than criticising others all the time – only because you want to “stay true”.


(Jakarta, 24/7/2015 – 9:51 am)

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