Freaking Friday

A long day yesterday.  Conversation with doctors at ST Marys in Grand Rapids.  I thought there would be more testing but today was just to review what we had.  They were shocked that no one gave a diagnosis after all this time. Of course it was a better day, why can’t they see the best or worst. We were both shocked that it was only two hours  with a we will call you to set up testing. They did at least say that it looks very much like altzhimers , but more testing is needed.  I guess they need more testing why everything is not connecting in my brain, but one test conclusion is as far away as a cure for it..

Visited Mom Ellie at Holland Home.  She is looking older but other then being hard of hearing, hard time walking  she seemed very sharp.

We stopped by Tim’s for a while.

We went to eat togather and them headed home.  I did most of the driving and did very well but when we got home, the Hershey squirts started,  I was hot and cold and could not sleep.  I finally  feel asleep in the recliner , woke,  and then went upstair to finally fall asleep.  Lindsey will help with the phone to keep the cells alive.  I still have no answer for cable.

Liz and I are starting over and hoping for a bright future.  I have hope we are now starting to gain on things. Together we will do the best, and Lindsey’s help will be big help.

Liz is still having problems with her sinus that gives her bad headaches.  She has fallen asleep in the recliner. It looks like she might have surgery again.

I am very sore this morning,but I have enjoyed two goods days. We need less worry days and more good days for the both of us.  This coming month we will pay off cash advance, straighten out the cell phone problems, and try to figure out Comcast. I must also try to do what I can do to control myself, if that is possible.  I am planning on taking it easy today as yesterday was a long day.

Next month we need to get the roof done “$200, cash advance $150, C omsast is about $400 dollars or more.  I need to help more with the bidget

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  1. Darling you were able to drive around Grand Rapids because you were having a great day! ! ! The appointment was fine! Your next one is Sept,9th@ 10am! I had a great time be booping around town! !

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