So when I started at my job, a 22 year old boy started at the same time. At first I thought he may have been stuck up or posh but as soon as we started working together he turned out to be super funny and we teased each other non stop, 100% comfortable after knowing each other only a few hours.

Unfortunately his other job said he wasn’t allowed to continue with this one so after only three shifts he was going to leave. They offered him to do weekends if he wanted but he was reluctant because he would be working almost every day of the week.

When he left I considered leaving him some form of contact since he didn’t seem to have Facebook but I was too shy and concluded that if he didn’t ask me for contact then it wasn’t meant to be. He didn’t and I assumed I would never hear of him again which was a shame.

Today I was serving at the till and he popped up at the till next to mine and I was so shocked, he told me he would be working weekends and I could not stop smiling! I can’t believe he’s back!

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