I realize someone with a drinking problem will always find a way to get alcohol no matter what. And have to drink a lot in order to get drunk. Drinking to rely on relieving stress, refusing to get help is bad too. Once someone realizes they need to change they stop and do whatever they can to not drink. AA meetings, a consuler,pyscatrist whatever helps you stay away from alcohol and once you start staying away from it, you can’t go back or even have 1 beer or drink on special occasions because the addiction will most likely come back. That’s why recovering alcoholics don’t drink anymore ever. Anyone can get addicted it’s not just about having an addictive gene. I want to be a drug abuse and alcohol abuse consular because I feel like that will be my purpose in life to help people, I always wanted to find a way to help people and this is what it is. I just don’t know how to start. So if anyone knows please let me know on here.

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