Dear Leopara

Good. I’m glad to hear that the authorities intervened. If you need to pretend that it was your original intention, well whatever. As is your wont, you underestimate your readers and our ability to discern the mountain of suicidal ideation you have poured out all over anyone who tried to listen. In any case, you are alive. Miserable and nasty as ever, but alive. And that was my only goal where you are concerned. Now I can wash my hands of you. And btw, I have my reasons for spelling my screen name with a “c”. You just keep stepping in it, don’t you… Love, Carma


My original post that you deleted from your journal…

Well then… indeed. So, if all your ranting on the internet about killing yourself was for real, then I guess you’re not around anymore to get royally pissed off that someone would deign to come onto your online diary and call you out to tell you that you are/were clearly completely nuts and in need of intervention. I tried calling the Cincinnati police, tried to initiate a wellness check but have no idea if anything was done to make sure you didn’t do something stupid. Yes, stupid. RSD is not fun but it is not fatal and you have led everyone to believe that you have a fatal disease in its final stages. Sure, we get the joke: it’s in its final stages ’cause you decided to take your own life. Ha ha. You’re a fake, Para. You’re a very mentally unbalanced lonely person who definitely needs help. Running around the internet talking about suicide is, I guess, one way to get it. Not the best way. Not the most dignified way. But it does the trick if you scream long and hard enough. I hope you’re still alive, if anything, just so you can find out that you’ve been acting like a big selfish jerk who needs to stop spending her social security check on pot and booze, take her psych meds and get some big time help for what really ails ya’: You’re not a very nice person with at least one personality disorder who needs to stop feeling sorry for herself. Live long, love hard and stop your whining. And blessed be.

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