Entry 1: Asshole

Love is an asshole. It will make you believe you’re getting there, when you’re actually getting nowhere. Love is an asshole. It will come in the form of a subtle raindrop, just to hit you like a burning meteor.


My friend online is an ass. I really hate him! He make me believe were getting there but all of a sudden I’m actually nowhere. Urrrggghh, he irritate me a lot and usually don’t care about him but what the hell I’m in love?!?!?! Shit! Did I write I’m in love?!?!

My Brain: Yeah you write that fuck!
Me: Why did I write that fucking thing?!?!
My Brain: I dunno you just write it Bitch!
Me: Don’t call me bitch!
My Brain: I’ll call the hell I want
Me: Shut Up!

So why did I write that? Hmmmmp, I think I’m insane and It’s not cool! This is not really cool! Wtf I’m saying. I just really want to say I HATE YOU JORDAN! Yes Jordan is his name, ahahahaha.

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