Goods Price still High


Today is a week after Eid. The goods price is still high. Just felt the impact, because i rarely do shopping wohoho. I just bought catfood Imo, I found the price rp3000 higher than usual. Ok. I was about to buy Maxi but there was no stock. You know Maxi is the lowest-budget catfood that my cat’s tummy could accept and it feels so sad I couldn’t get it today.


Three days ago i bought chicken’s head and the price was wow, so i bought a half kilo. It cost Rp10.000. Huaaaaa. Lucky me the wetfood i made from chicken’s head could last for 3-4 days. (I know Ricky could buy me some dryfoods like usual but i can’t rely on him forever, right?)

Yeah, my 2 babies eat wetfood and the adults eat Maxi. I dont know why Mochi and Apin dont like the wetfood 🙁 That’s why i need 2 kinds of catfood.

Hope the prices could get lower soon.

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