I’ve been having headaches for about a week now, little migraines that hit after just a few minutes reading, writing, or looking at the laptop screen. They make me dizzy and kind of make the world go a bit darker. On the whole, the experience, though short, is rather like the time I didn’t eat breakfast before having my blood drawn in the hospital and nearly dropped down on the steps as I was going to another room. Unpleasant and nauseating. My stomach kind of feels weird, too. I might be having the headaches because I’ve been staying up rather late these past few days, but I’ve also been exercising and eating well and shouldn’t that make my body stronger? I don’t know any other reasons why I would suddenly be having headaches–other than having a brain tumor. Or is it just my emotional instability, once again affecting not only my mental but also my physical health?

Anyway. I have been penciling down my thoughts in an actual notebook for a few days, partly to improve my handwriting, partly because some things I’d rather not put out on the internet. Not that I’m writing any really juicy secrets in my notebook, either…I’m just getting a tad more personal, and sounding a bit more angry at the world. Seriously, my emotional state has been unstable lately…I don’t cry, because I somehow can’t, I just feel this sense of drowning sadness that makes my head and my stomach spin.

I’ve been thinking of creating an Interpals profile. It’s this email penfriend thing. It seems relatively…nice? Not too obscure, fair amount of people. Only problem is, I take REALLY BAD selfies (to me, taking too many of them seems almost excessively narcissistic) and I just look weird in pictures, so I don’t know what I’m going to do for a profile picture. I mean, I could just steal one online but I want to be honest. I don’t want anyone to think I look like someone else that’s not me.

That’s just a few rambling thoughts today. See you guys later. It’s fun just checking out other people’s thoughts and seeing similarities or differences.

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