Mystery Near The Campfire Part 1. (warning: cliffhanger)

Alice and Art were never friends. Rivals. Enemies were what they were. Never nice to each other. The parents said they were ‘Family Friends.’ Friends? No. But what do they do? Send them on a Camping Trip. That is what parents do.

So it was the first day on the camp. The parents came unprepared and forgot anything to drink. They went to the nearest Publix. (Yes this is set in Ft. Desoto, FL.) Alice and Art sat at the fire, roasting marshmallows for the smores that they were preparing for guests. They were having a Campire Party and the guests would be there until Midnight.

They spoke nothing to each other except. “Pass it to me, please.” or “Give that back!” They fought sometimes and said nothing else. “This sucks.” Alice whispered, putting on another marshmallow on her stick she found earlier.

The parents got back in time to set the table and hang some lanterns along clotheslines. Soon, a red truck pulled up and it was Art’s girlfriend, Lilly. She said hi to us and to me. She helped putting smores together and put them in a protective tray.

3 other cars pulled up. The Fox Triplets. Bella Fox, Beatrice Fox, Brandon Fox and Brady Fox. They were all 12. They climbed out of the cars while Ms. Fox pulled her friends out. Already 8 Guests.

The guests piled in. Later we had a full camp. We ate the smores and sat at the fire, laughing and talking. All good things.

Soon, rain started sprinkling over us and we heard murmurers from the place. We moved to the table that was lumpy and filled with splinters. Mom took a Bath and Body Works towel and covered the benches and the table so we wouldn’t get splintered.

The rain got too heavy for us. We took all of our umbrellas and headed for the Shelter in the Campground. The rain poured and I heard some…breathing…unnatural breathing. Something that would cover a blanket and freeze it.

Suspicious, I told my mom I was going to go get my phone from the car. I heard the breathing burning inside my head. I went and got my iPhone whilst being at the campground.

I turned around to see someone I never thought I’ve ever seen. I saw….




So…Did you like Part 1. Hmm…cliffhanger.

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