Mystery Near The Campfire Part 2

Recap: (sorry for changing 3rd person to 1st.) (whoops)

Suspicious, I told my mom I was going to go get my phone from the car. I heard the breathing burning inside my head. I went and got my iPhone whilst being at the campground.

I turned around to see someone I never thought I’ve ever seen. I saw….


    Intro: I saw Christine Wells. My best friend from Elementary School. I would play with her all the time until I met Blythe Coleman. “Christine!” I yelled out, smiling. 

I missed her. I really did. “Raven.” she said. “Raven Jasper, I changed my name.” I frowned. “Hi, Raven.” I said. She rolled her eyes. “Why would you leave me for Blythe?” I frowned. “Raven. You are my best friend.”

She looks as her mascara was crying with her. “My best friend is not someone who leaves me to go skip to another vine.” She pulled out a blade, full and shiny. I stared at it.

“Wait…whoa whoa whoa, what are you doing with that knife.” She smiled. “Avenging my life. You left me in the dark and now I will.”

I ran toward the campsite. As fast as possible. She still found me. She swung her knife on my neck as I felt the pain run down my body. I laid there. Dead. I can’t narrate now By the way, I’m dead.

(Raven’s POV)

  I swung the knife and had my self record as a murder. I avenged myself. The girl, Alice screamed. Loud. Alice’s mom as I remember, Ms. Sara headed my way. I kind of got lost in where I should go. 

I ran out of the campsite. Scared. I did not want to get caught.












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