Writing for a film

Ever since I was younger I’ve been good at writing, but am I good enough? I always ask myself this question everyday. Once the question pops into my head I have to stop and take a deep breath, talk myself out of negativity. (that’s the new me) Writing was always effortless I could write without stopping and it’d make sense which always scares me. I’m constantly looking up tips from other writers on how to refine work and the way they write and see if it’s like me. (it gives me more confidence when a published writer has similarities in my style) Well I’ve decided to try to write for a real project in the future. Good idea? I don’t know. It started out a story but one day I woke up and thought I should turn it into a script. The other day I started writing; adding some things, taking things out, reading over and over. Once I read it a third time I wasn’t too impressed. But lucky for me I waited a whole day and read it again this morning, and to my surprise… it wasn’t half bad.
As I go on I want to be able to not ask myself if I’m good enough.
                                                                                                                                         -Christina ✌

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