90 and Rising

Today is in the 90’s .Liz and I brought our papers to city hall to have our roof done.  It is looking like October before we get it done. Lindsey went the doctors for a checkup and see why her heart is fibrillating.  I’m hot. 3 fans going in the living room.  I need to start working out every day.  Since the heart is ok and no one know for sure whats wrong with me, I might as well limber up.  (After the heat dies off).  We still have the dragon, something I don’t really need.  Pauwz I believe is on her last legs as she has a growth in her stomach.  Gigi is doing fine and Leo is just a big baby.

I don’t think there is anything major wrong with me.  The last meeting at the brain clinic was only 2 hour long and as of today, no call for appointments.  I believe they think I’m faking it.  The brain is powerful so they could be right.  My legs cramp up, constant headache, 2 hour of lapse memories, short term memory, can’t put words together or remember anything.  Yep, its all a fake. that is why I can’t sleep. I love paying money for medicine I don’t need which is driving me broke.  I need help getting up the stairs but that is all in my head.

Liz is not feeling well today, maybe the heat, maybe the sinus.

Brain Clinic called to set up an induction test in Sept

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