What is it about the health care system in this country?

Gradually, procedures are getting more and more necessary, and more and more expensive, while being less and less covered by Medicare or private health insurance.

What is the point of Medicare and having private health insurance, if we are still left paying excessive amounts for necessary medical procedures?

The process of having a procedure is also becoming more complicated. First you visit your gp, who then refers you to a specialist, who then refers you to a service that can conduct the necessary procedure. But then you must go back to your gp for a referral to the next specialist, and if your gp does not agree with the first specialist, you have to argue your way to a referral for the second, and that is with reluctance by the gp.

Not to mention the gp’s concern with their annual quotas, so perhaps the investigative scan you require after each visit to the specialist is more than this particular gp can allow, or the medication prescribed by the specialist is from a company in direct competition with your gp’s preferred medicine provider, so there is reluctance or flat out refusal and an alternative option offered.

When you do finally have the procedure, the price nearly kills you, and the time off work for recovery and rehabilitation finishes the job. All at your own expense.

Often, you find out after all of this, that if your gp had just taken your concerns seriously months before hand, you may not have needed a procedure at all. Is this a rort?

When did the health care system in this country stop being about health and start being about politics and finance? Or was it always this way???

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