First Entry- Hopelessly In Love

Have you ever been so in love that thinking too much about it could make you cry?

I have.

Now let me tell you, when in a relationship, the most terrible character in your love story you can be is your stereotypical girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. I am that girlfriend that cries EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. he goes back to where he lives (an hour away mind you, not the longest distance but I still don’t get to see him every week like some girls get to with their boyfriends). I am that girlfriend who sends him far too many love notes/texts and posts too much sappy stuff about how in love I am with him and his cute face, and sweet tendencies…

The problem with being that girlfriend is that I set unbelievably high standards for, well, a man. He’s been with me for over a year and a couple months now, I should know he loves me without him having to babble on and constantly express how he feels…

But I want him too.

I mean, I do it…

Can’t you?

And I know that’s unfair, I KNOW it. That’s why I don’t say a damn thing, because in his mind he has done his job. He has me, he has proclaimed that he loves me, and that’s that.

The problem with being “that girlfriend” is that I grew up believing in love stories, and listening to countless love songs that gave me outrageous expectations for an already above average guy.

But seriously babe, throw a girl a bone.

Dare I say it…

Tell me how you feel.



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