I’d stayed home until Monday. I left to return to my old rented room after that.

I caught up with Mark and Tiara (and their first son Baby Timmy and Tiara’s older sister Fika) for lunch on Tuesday afternoon at Kuningan City. We had lunch at Imperial Kitchen, where I ordered Shanghai fried chicken and hot tea. I also got to carry Baby Timmy in my arms before he started crying for mommy. He’s so tiny.

Hehe, okay.

After that, we split for a while. The sisters went for shopping for baby clothes. (Of course, Baby Timmy was with them.)

Mark and I walked a bit around the mall while talking, until we stopped by at Bengawan Coffee. We ordered coffee (of course!) and sat there for a while, talking some more.

Then we finally went our separate ways when the family regrouped and were to head to their parked car. I went back to my room after that.

It was nice to see them again…

Thursday night was the writers’ club gathering as usual. Saturday was work.

I’ve finished reading Lisa Gardner’s “Catch Me”. A nice thriller. Now I’m catching up with an anthology of poetry by the famous local author, Sapardi Djoko Damono. It’s called “Hujan Bulan Juni” (Rain in June).

Of course, I’m still writing some more. I always do.


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