Great day, I’m beat!

7:00 o’clock AM, Jack is up and ready to roll! I’m up. Took a good hour to peel my eyes open properly. Then em comes crawling out of bed. Waking up with these two makes your day instantly, tho it’s a little early, I couldn’t ask for anything more. We pretty much just hung out for a couple hours, played, em talked my ear off of course, Jack went through the place like a natural disaster, which I cleaned before we left, and within one hour he had it looking worse then before… Anyway, managed to get us all ready and out the door, went and picked up aunty, and went to the pet store! Oh man, we have been to the pet store before, but I guess I have never been that engaged, it was fun! They wanted to look at EVERY single animal in the place, so we did, Jack just got a kick out of the fish, and em loved the turtles, then we saw the kitties, I think Jack may grow up to be some crazy cat lady, because they bring him so much genuine joy, even tho he tries to rip their skin from their bones haha. He was just laughing non stop while the kitties played. Then it was time to go pick out goodies for our kitty, which is why we were there. Em could have spent $200 easily I’m sure, she picked out a toy for her, scratch post, a pink litter box and scoop, and for some reason the part she was most worried about was the food! Haha little thing just has such a big heart, she knows kitties need to play hard, and eat lots of food. After this we went to the park, yeah it was hot as hell outside, but we made the best of it! I should have never showed Jack the water fountain, I felt bad cause we are in a drought and all but it made him so happy lol. After sweating half of all our body weight off you were nice enough to let us use the Jeep, I know it was more for the kids, but you have no idea how much I appreciate that. Driving them around in that station wagon was sketchy. Anyway, we all went home and crashed for an hour. Did a little laundry, Jack destroyed the place for the second time, then we got ready and went to Chuck E Cheese. This was SERIOUSLY a blast! We spent over 2 hours there, I remember a day I would have been ready to leave by one, and would have been a lame ass hole for the whole hour. It’s amazing when you just let go, don’t worry about your own shit(which is nothing anyway) how much fun you can actually have. I genuinely had the time of my life tonight, we played almost every game there, they rode all the rides, we ate a whole pizza, well Jack and I did, em was too into playing. Jack did play this little tiny frog game, you hit a button and it bounces balls into the the frogs mouth, this one single ticket popped out and I pointed it out to him, his face just lit up, it was like he won the secret to life or something…and em was just go go go, getting tickets, blowing through tokens, and just having such a good time. She did not want to play one game without me right there with her showing her how to do it. She got 128 tickets, and picked cotton candy as her prize, she was reluctant to share with Jack of course, but I made her because seeing him eat cotton candy for what I think was the first time was hilarious, and he loved it. And I just realized, when it came time to go, em didn’t even put up a fight, didn’t say anything at all…usually I would have been dragging her out of there, after I ignored her for the most part, so I could go home and do something, whatever the fuck it was. But tonight she left there with a smile, we all did. It was an amazing day. I want everyday to be like this. I didn’t think about “my” stuff once, which again is nothing…I completely devoted myself today to both those babies, and it was just so much better then I remember it being. They through minimal tantrums, barely fought, and mostly smiled and had fun all day. My poor babies just needed their dad to actually pay attention to them… Then I went and picked you up. You looked so pretty tonight. We stopped and got cigarettes, I grabbed a beer. We went down by the river and smoked and talked a little. You laid your head on my shoulder, and I fucking melted right then…and then despite my nerves, I tried to kiss you….and you shit me down QUICK! Real quick lol, and all I could do was laugh… I’m just looked so damn perfect… But then you held me, and I held you back. It’s incredible to me, we have “known” each other for almost 6 years now, day in and day out. But you still make my stomach turn and my nerves tingle, it felt like day one with you tonight. It felt like falling in love all over again…(poor “first” kiss decision and all)…thank you for the perfect end to a perfect day…

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