Mini Obsession.

What is it about this dude that has got me fucked up?

I don’t even know him.. not really..

but he is definitely on the brain. I dreamt about him for crying out loud. I have GOT do purge this guy and get him out of my head. I cant go there with him, and I know it-I Don’t  even think he is interested anymore (thats assuming he was in the first place) AND I’m pretty sure he is taken, SWEET FRICKIN JESUS.. why am I obsessing over nothing?!

I went running yesterday, and if you knew anything about me you would know I am not one for calisthenics.. but I went running, just so I would be too tired to dream.. and what do you know..  it didn’t frickin work…

Why am I attracted to this perfect stranger?

Well, he is cute.

He is sweet/charming.

He is polite.

He is young but doesn’t act young

He makes me giggle (without even trying).

He complimented me in a real and matter of fact- like don’t you know youre attractive?-way that makes me believe it.- I have a hard time accepting compliments because most of the time they seem fake and the guy just seems to want to get me into bed.

It was almost like I trusted him immediately which is something I just dont do.

He is completely unobtainable- why is that hot?

He is not shy- and I mean NOT S.H.Y.


Maybe I am obsessing because i know I cant have him so my brain just wants to make him fantasy material? That is annoying AF.


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