office thoughts

It is raining outside my window on the 2nd floor of the therapy clinic – I like the rain after a long dry spell it cleans the world and makes all the things of man seem less dreary and unkempt.

Rain is the thing that feeds our plants and grasses but it feeds my soul today. I watch as the puddles form and the drops splash down. I see the rings ripple back and forth and it looks like chaos but there is such beauty and purpose in this chaos.

The thunder rumbles in the back ground as humans rush to avoid the rain. Like they are going to melt from the water hitting them. I sit watching this and relize it is only the humans that dislike the rain. Grass, trees, flowers, bug and animals all seem quite content as the rain falls on them.

I wonder if we could just be content as life happens around us how much less anxiety we would feel? how much less stress and anger would we deal with?

I like the rain it reminds me to just relax God has this and every other process under control….

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