I’m a babysitter. I’m 29 years old and I’m a damn babysitter. I feel like I have a sense of accomplishment in doing this, while at the same time feel like a complete failure. I graduated high school, on time, walked with my class, and went to college like I was supposed to. Yet, somehow I got stuck in this. I watch up to seven children at one time, for little pay and no appreciation for the daily aggravation. I used to cook and clean for the main family I sit for, but it’s nothing but attitude from the male counterpart here and neglect of anything in the home from the female. My day consists of a week old infant screaming, two two year-olds that I’m doing my best to just keep alive, keep off the table, and preventing them from pulling the dogs eyes out. There’s an older ADHD boy that looks at me with complete disrespect, and his sister who just sees me as the help, her pet, or stand-in friend when there’s no one else around. The only kid here I want to spend time with is my own, who is eight years old, and locks himself in the basement playing video games. Can’t say I blame him. I wouldn’t be up here either. The only relief that comes is when the parents come and relieve me of my duties, and hopefully I can make it to my dwelling with my son and my boyfriend and breathe a sigh of relief if I can make it there without criticism or snide remarks. I need a new job, but this one allows me to be available if my son needs me.

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