Born to Suffer?

I wonder may day why some people are born. I mean I believe in God and I know this time in earth is limited but still just to be born to suffer a horrible death seems odd to me.

Children born and live happy until 8ish then a monster takes them away and does unspeakable things to them then kills them! I don’t understand that! I can not rationalize that away.

No way to understand things I suppose but I still wonder why are some born to suffer. A family member has one child he has cancer @ 3 and they had to take out his eyes – and yet the cancer continues – why was this child born to suffer?

Drug addicts have children that as addicted they have all kinds of issues – why are they born to suffer?

Many people have fallen a the hands of serial killers – tortured and then killed – why where they born to suffer?

I have asked philosophers and theologians and been given wonderful fell good rationalizations but none have answered the question.

I have prayed and sought answer to this but none have come….

Why I wonder are some born to suffer…..

Fall back to the simple truth – Ours is not to wonder why but simple do then die…..


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