I feel like someone else committed these crimes, like I am passing judgement on some other fuck up, someone who couldn’t see what was right in front of him, some fucking idiot ass hole who only cared about himself. This fucking monster who let his kids and family take care of themselves, and then his thanks is to fucking betray them, to rip them apart for a useless fuck, a fucking dumb whore who is a tenth of the women you are. ¬†This fucking self absorbed dick didn’t even think about his beautiful wife and two little innocent babies who were at home waiting for daddy to come home…FUCK YOU seriously…was everything I gave up worth it??? The perfect family literally, and the family that I have never had growing up, a strong devoted father, and a loving and caring mother, they accepted you for the fuck you were, they loved you, because she loved you. You fucking tossed that all in the shit can. Now YOU have to deal with it you piece of shit. You expect HER to be there for you? To want to hang out with you, let you go to the coast? That’s fucking great that’s what you want, what about what she wanted? You didn’t give a shit and basically told her to fuck off. So what, you have ACTUALLY been there for your kids for 3 days now, you think you deserve something? Anything? She has done this for 5 years! By herself, and this is how you say thanks and fuck you… Seriously, just fuck off, be the fucking father to your kids they need and deserve, consider yourself lucky she even looks in your direction… Never, ever let anything remotely like this happen again. All that matters now is your family, THATS IT! Fuck everyone else, they don’t matter. And she calls the shots from now on, you lost that fucking privilege… If she wants to see you or talk to you, she will let you know. Basically shut the fuck up and sit down and wait until you are called on, and meanwhile be there for your kids. Goodbye.

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