My life has changed

My life changed in January 2015. I wasn’t feeling well so I went to take a nap before going back to work. I woke up later, I had trouble seeing out of my left eye, my speech was slurred and my face was drooping on the left side.

My daughter came over and took me to the hospital. At first they all thought I had a stroke. While I was there my symptoms got better,except for some facial drooping on the left side. I was given all kinds of tests, labs, xrays,mri, brain scans. I was admitted for two days and sent home. The doctors ruled out tumors, stroke, heart problems, blockage in veins, unknown cause said it was possible rare case of migraine headaches.

My headaches have not gone away since. I have had headaches for almost 7 months.

I have seen nuerologist several times. he put me on one medication, I had allergic reaction to it ended up in emergency room. I am ontwo regularly scheduled medicines for my blood pressure/headaches and the other for depression/headaches.

I have another pill for when my headaches are really bad and 2 more pills when I have episodes of stroke like symptoms.  It has happened a total of 5 times now since January.

In May the doctor tried botox. Let me tell you about that It Is 200 units, in 5 needles shots, given to 31 areas all over my head. In my forehead , in my temple area, behind my ears, lower back of head, and in neck.  The first day you feel a little tired, I rest most of the next few days, no change. The next week my right eye lid start to droop, part of the side effects. Now not only do I still have headaches, I look angry/or really tired. By the second week I finally wake up after almost six months without a headache, I am so happy for about 2 hours and its back. But now when I have my headaches I am nasuated and sometimes start vomiting. Oh Boy!

It now is the last couple of days in July the headaches continues. I am frustrated, tired all the time, I have no energy, I have trouble concentrating, and fighting every day to find an answer to what to do to be my normal self again . I still get up every day go to work, try to do my best, then come home eat and go to bed, that’s it.

I will continue to search for answers


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  1. I came to this website looking for a place to put my Bible study notes. I wanted to see what a journal looked like so I clicked on your page. After reading your post I realized what you are going through is what just happened to a family member. I wanted to tell you that her doctor believes she is suffering from lymes decease. I just wanted to share this with you. I hope you are feeling better. My prayers are with you.

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