My diary for Thursday

This week is going by very fast. It’s already Thursday and I’m not quite sure what I have done this week. Probably nothing productive on my expectation lol. I just want to write down things I have done this week.

On Monday, I went to Lissie’s show in Lincoln Hall with Jad. I did not even know who she was and not a big fan of folk music either. However, I wanted to how it is and check out the place. Plus Jad got me a ticket so why not. We ended up having good time. It was actually fun.

Tuesday, I skated to Katja’s after work for the BBQ on her rooftop. It has an amazing view of Chicago and I was with people I love! We had a great time with food, drink and talk. It’s so sad that she has to leave.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I went out skating for 12-13miles. It was a perfect weather for skating and I really enjoyed it. J joined me tonight’s skate and we also stopped by at full moon fire jam for little bit.

Tomorrow, I will be at work at 9 and get off at 3 PM for the Critical Mass. It will be a lot of fun. Listening Bigbang’s music after not listening Korean pops for awhile. It kind of makes me miss Korea but yeah I still love to live here. Well… I need to success first.

Sharing a pic from Tuesday night from Katja’s rooftop.

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