so my journey begins

I want to first thank the post I recieved, I was frustrated and just needed a place to vent. I will try to make each day count. I am going to try to give it all I can. First  is to try to eat healthy. Could it be something I’m eating that triggers the headaches. I have read that certain foods like to much caffeine, or chocolate ,or yogurt or processed foods or curred meats like sausage or bacon.The  more you read the more foods to avoid. I am going to keep a private food journal, that also monitors weight and maybe exercise. I think there is a prayer that goes,  help me take just one day at a time; I know there is a lot more to it but my memory gets a little fuzzy. Oh well. Its my prayer my way.  Amen

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  1. I have a little experience with migraines about 23 years’ worth. I take sumatriptan 100 mg. when I get a bad migraine. When I was younger I had a lot of migraines, but not so much anymore…I’m starting my prune stage of life…lol Caffeine if consumed right away will help a migraine, but if too much caffeine is in your system it can trigger a migraine. Environment, our age, life changes can all trigger migraines. For me, I could tell you when rain was coming! Scent was a trigger; I’ve not used perfume in 28 years. I can handle fruit scent but not floral. Lots of things trigger migraines its finding what triggers them. When I feel a migraine coming on I close the curtains, sun light or any kind of light makes it worse. Keep praying, talk to God, our Creator, He hears all things and knows your pain and suffering. I hope things are getting better for you!

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