Today was alright.

Well today was pretty nice. Helped with registering people for high school, but today I mostly helped out in counseling. Shredding old files, alphabetizing flies, color coding colored paper… Wonderful I know.

I was able to hang out with a few friends after school. It was really nice because I’ve only seen one person all summer. One of the guys, his family owns a Thai restaurant so we went there. We got free food, but the guy had to get permission because he used to bring friends in every week . Guess that didn’t bode all too well.

After than one friend came over to my house. We didn’t really do much though, mostly watch videos. He brought him puppy over while he was here.

My emotions are still out of it.. I had mood swings all day from feeling fine with my life, to why can’t someone love me before I breakdown again. That wasn’t any fun all day. Why.. Why are some things certain in the way they are? What kind of universe said this is what’ll play out for everyone..

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