We have to be out of here by November 1st. We still haven’t found a place to live, this is bad. We have no money to live anywhere, I been filling out applications but I can’t finish them now that Alex has a record of disorderly conduct and simple assult. This sucks so much. I’m going to have to put on the application that it’s just for 2 people.  And have Alex come and stay with me, there’s nothing that says you can’t have people stay with you, I could always say he’s here to help babysit or here because he has no where else to live and is helping me out for the time being until he can find a place, in my town so many people have charges and do this so it’s not like I’m the only one letting someone live with me when I only put 2 people on the list (my son and i)  but I am praying to find a place before we have to move. I went in for a job interview yesterday and am also praying I get this job. This way I can save up money on my own bank account only myself and my mom can access. But my mom doesn’t go on it she just has her name on it for secondary person. I really need this job it’ll be a life saver. The only thing if I get this job is I’ll have to find a way to get to there and back, and a babysitter. The transportation won’t even be hard, but finding someone to watch Caleb will be. Both my parents work have a full time job, my sister works, everyday except for maybe 2 days but she has her daughter Aveen (my niece) to watch and care for. Alexes mom is in the hospital and has been for a month and when she gets home she will need as much rest as possible and to gain her strength back. Alex got his job back so he can’t watch Caleb. My close friend of the family, they are practically. Family watches him whenever they can if I need to go to appointments or do something, so I don’t know maybe she could watch Caleb for a day out of the week while I’m at work. I wish I trusted more people with Caleb but I only trust family and family friend. I don’t have money to put him in daycare as of right now, maybe once I start saving up I can but I can’t for a while. Me and Alex went to the beach yesterday with his brother and his brothers gf and we met his gfs mom their with a few of her kids. I love Alexes brothers girlfriend, she’s very nice and understands me. Her mom is also very nice. Caleb loved the water and the wet sand too! He played with the wet sand and got it all over him even in his hair. He likes the waves too. I held him where the waves crashed but not crashed hard where they can take you away but they just touch your feet. He wanted to go out further but I laughed and said no your 1 you can get taken away if you go any further. I was really good about putting sun screen on him. He had very light skin like me so he can burn easily. I put sun screen on him every 15 minutes and made sure I got every spot. I forgot to put sunscreen on myself so I got a really bad burn on my back and shoulders. It hurts but putting aloe on it makes it feel so much better.  I had fun, Caleb had fun and even Alex had fun he went in the water for a few minutes. He’s really nervous about court on Wednesday or Tuesday? I forget but I told him not to worry just dress nice and be honest and not be rude. I am going too so I can get the no contact order against me and him dropped.  Which I never even asked for. JOTP did it. Whatever

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