Sunshine on my window

Today’s the first day the sun came out. Typical holiday for me. Well, I was super spontaneous and almost adventurous because I got in my car and drove through that freakin’ construction site which took hours (felt like it… you know, I’m old, I don’t have a lot of time left). I bought a lot of crap (as per usual), some bottles of water (I’m never thirsty, I’m like an old woman that forgets to stay hydrated for days…) and a pot of basil. That’s kinda weird, I know. Usually when you buy herbages and keep them inside, they wither away within three days. No matter if you repot them or how much you take care of them. They just die… they rather die than staying with you and your terrible cooking skills any longer. Admit it, you know where I’m coming from!

Sooooo, a few months back I bought lemon balm and parsley (don’t ask, just don’t, I warned you) and I refused to see them flipping me off by withering so I put them outside on my windowsill. To my surprise they are the most healthy plants ever. They are growing and growing… I even had to cut them because they were, like, everywhere. We’re talking ’bout south windows here… They are all fine. Having herbage around makes me want to cook more often. I totally enjoy it. It not just fills me up but it also makes me happy. It’s so much better than all the stuff you can buy. I hardly ever cook when I have to work. I don’t know why but I don’t feel like it. I’m probably too exhausted from my boss who’s a real wanker. Lawyer. OF COURSE!


Well, back to the important boring things: Basil. 😀 Yeah, it’s outside as well now. herbage and lavender – can you imagine how good it smells when the sun shines and you walk by and catch a whiff? Love it 🙂


That’s it… first entry… let’s see what tomorrow (or my boredom) brings…

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