Action speaks louder than words..They say.

Everyone knows this very common phrase.

They say action speaks louder than words, and all of us has it’s own different way of understanding it especially in terms on relationships. And mine? Nah! maybe it’s just the same as yours, or not?.But yeah, I agree that action really do speaks louder than words, but not all the time! Because it’s like that you’ve started a game but you don’t know where is it going, or you’re not sure if there’s really an end point to it. In short there’s no guarantee.

Guarantee on what?? Yeah i know you already know what I mean.

There’s no guarantee about the true feeling of someone if he/she’s just showing it through actions. You’ll be questioned about what’s the real score between you two?!. And it is a miserable feeling when you invest your time and emotions into someone and remain unsure of where you stand.

I have a story, and this is maybe a sample of that phrase above.

I met this guy in a very weird way (or maybe it’s the destiny made that way for us to met, Yes! i do believe in destiny.) a couple months ago. He’s nice, funny, sweet and spontaneous. We’ve been hanging out for I’m not sure if how many times now.

The first time I met him I though that he’s just like the other guys I’ve dated before. But I was wrong, he is so different. He is sweet, I enjoyed talking to him, he made me feel so comfortable when I’m with him. I also knew that we had lots of similarities,not just we’re both pet lovers, not just on hobbies, on food that we like, on movie genre that we enjoyed,not just on the things that we both don’t like but also in personalities and in family. I’m so amaze knowing those things. It’s like I already met my other part and he is my other part. Yeah I did told that to my self.

As the time passes by that I’m with him, I did knew him very well. And as what I’ve said, he is very nice and kind in a way that even the cashiers in the groceries or waiters in some restaurants that we visited or even the guards in their subdivision, he’ll greeted them in a very nice way. And every time I told him that he is just too nice, his line is always like this “If you’ll be nice to others, they will treat you the same way”. And it always made me smile every time I hear him saying those lines, and the way he said that, I really felt that he is so sincere.

And what I like the most about him is that he did the things that other guys never did for me. Like he brought me to a place that both of us got there for the first time, (and it’s like, let’s just explore and enjoy the place!). We took photos together. He pick me up to my work place even though his place is almost an hour away. He made me dinner, a very special dinner. He danced me even though I knew he can’t dance well. He brought me to my favorite places. He’s the only guy who brought me to a date that I almost forgot that cellphone do exist. He’s the only guy who made me cry because of laughing, and he always assure that I’m safe and fine.

And obviously we already kissed, yeah. And I always felt it, the way he kissed me, it’s like I am a fragile glass. I felt cared and loved. He like to kissed me in my forehead and that’s one of the reason why I easily fell for him.

For those girls who’s reading this, I have a question to make.

Are you not going to fall to this kind of guy?

Well I’m sure you will be. Because me, I am totally fall for him.

But then, as what I’ve said, I’m agree that action really speaks louder than words, but not all the time!

I really thought that all those things that he showed me will tell that he feels the same way, but I was wrong, so very wrong.

It happened one morning, I already sent him a text greeted him a good morning, and while I’m waiting for his reply I did a plan to change my facebook profile picture. And while scrolling for some of my photos, I saw this picture of ours and I thought that it’s a nice photo as replacement to my old one. So that’s it, I used it as my dp. I never expected that in just a couple minutes it gains almost a hundred likes. I felt amused and thought that maybe it was really a good idea.

But then, my beautiful mood was ruined when I got the reply from him, and it says;

I saw you changed your profile picture.”he said.

Oh! haha yeah, hope you don’t mind ^_^” i replied

Don’t you think things might happening too quickly?” he said.

And with that, my heart almost stop pumping (okay I know it’s so over acting)! It’s like, WHAT THE!!!! is he talking about?!!

It hurts, really.

Oh, yeah haha, I’m sorry, going to change it now. ☺” i replied to him. Even though I felt pained, I still managed to sent him a reply with a smile.

No sorry’s, i told you before that i don’t want you to say sorry.” yes, he does. He don’t want me to say sorry, because as he said he understands me at all.

Yeah, no sorry’s ☹” i replied

Don’t get me wrong okay, I like you and you are very sweet and kind, I just don’t think I’m ready yet, okay ☹” he said.

And with that, my heart really broke. I’m already so attached to him. I’m not the kind of girl that can easily be attached or fall for a guy. I have this walls that always been with me, protecting me ,that’s why my friends called my cold hearted because of that walls. But with him. I don’t really know my self why I fell for him so easily. Why i let my guard down so quickly.

A friend of mine advised me that maybe it’s just an infatuation because “it took off fast and furious like a spark in dry grass burns out quickly and can leave feelings of emptiness. And the result of this infatuation is emptiness, consequences of choices made while under the influence of mind numbing temporary lust.”

He also added that if it’s really love “it will deepen with the passage of time. Love is Partnership. Can lead to codependency if not tempered with self-awareness and self-guidedness. So don’t rush things”

To those guys. Doing efforts and showing your interest to a girl is good. But if you’re just doing the efforts without assuring the girl if what you really want, then expect the word “assume” to us.

And yeah, maybe girls are assuming, but it’s not our fault to assume if the guy won’t show like those.

It’s useless to just say the words without action, and also it is useless to do action without words. It’s not always action speaks louder than words, because communication is better above all.

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