Deep blue sea

At the coast, having a beer on the beach right now, and contemplating the potential of the trip.  I can’t wait to run on the beach with the kids, build sand castles, bury each other and just have fun! I’m not doing a damn thing besides play with my babies while we are on the beach, I have made that mistake time and time again… And I can’t wait to hang out with you, I hope you let me come over, and BS, go in the hot tub, get fuckin drunk with our friends and just have a good time. On the ride over I was thinking about all the trips you have taken recently, the fun you have had with the kids, and I just don’t understand why I didn’t want to be apart of that. I have FUN with you, you make me feel young and alive, you love music, which has made me rediscover it, you love traveling, which has opened my eyes, you have a genuine hunger to just be, and enjoy life no matter what. I am falling for you in a completely different way then I ever have… You inspire me, I want to see the world with you. No matter what our outcome I want to always be a part of your life, you are such a special person. I am a damn FOOL for not opening my eyes sooner. But the hope and anticipation of what is to come is the most amazing feeling, I hope I can instill some of these same feelings in you as I go through this journey of change and self discovery. This trip will be excellent, no matter what.

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