Age 5;  My “father” left, told my mother she was no longer “Beautiful“. soon after my mother had a heart attack, and of course being the young child i was i thought my mother was dying. the thought of losing another parent was already hard enough. 

Age 6; my ” father ” came begging back for another chance, my mother finally gave in, for months everything was going fine. Then one day my “father” decided he was know longer “Happy”  once again leaving my mother and I life.

Age 7; It was only my mother, brothers and I.

Age 8; we moved different house to get away from the memories my mother and “Father”  had made together.

many years later…

Age 15; My grandmother passed away.. only my mother and i found her.. for months my mother blamed herself saying she could have been there.

Age 16; Here i am blaming myself for everything that has happen to my mother from year 5. and ill forever hold that in my heart..

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