Morning has broken

I seen a video today on FaceBook about a homeless person who sat for hours holding up a paper sign, of a stranger’s daughter whom was lost for the past two days. Of course it wasn’t true but the homeless man did not know this. While watching this video, it brought to my mind my daughter.

Yes she is lost too. Not physically lost but mentally lost. She too is homeless and though an adult, she is very vulnerable.

I know she doesn’t want to be homeless or to have the mental and physical issues she has, that prevent her from living what we call a ‘normal life’. She doesn’t prostitute herself and solely relies on friends/acquaintances and some family members to help her. She walks the streets, sleeps on the ground and tries to stay safe. She goes to shelters to get food most times. Her sole belongings are in a backpack that she wears. Her clothes are given to her by strangers. Sometimes she can’t even get any of those things and ends up not eating for days. Believe me, she has tried everything out there at least once for help. I am not asking for anyone to feel sorry for her or to send her money or anything like that. All that I am asking from everyone who reads this, is to please consider the homeless as human beings, someones child and whenever you feel like it, help them out. Not all of them are on drugs, alcohol or child molesters. They are humans in bad situations. Each morning is a new day. I pray for her safety every day. Thank you for reading.

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