Psychology Interest

For the past few years of my life I’ve gotten into the art of the human mind. My most interesting topic pertaining is on mental illness and how that chemical imbalance comes to be. Now, I am no scientist and most likely won’t ever be but you don’t have to in order for this to be of interest. When I got to college I discovered that many of my classmates want to be ¬†psychologists and I can understand why. For me the interest came from my own personal struggle. It’s one thing to study it but to know first hand what it feels like is a whole other world. Not saying I’m better or worse at understanding mental illness it’s just that an experience can make a difference.

I’m not looking to become a psychologist but I do write about it a lot in poetry and stories I’ve written in my spare time. Right now I’m developing a screenplay and the secondary character suffers from Bipolar Disorder. With using my dear friend Google to search for some information. The searching began today (8/2/14), jotting down notes on everything I find. The more information, the more authentic the character; but there’s only so much you can find on medical websites. Another trusted friend is documentaries. Just last year I have gotten into watching documentary films on various subjects including mental illness. This started in high school psych class. I took the class in senior year with a bunch of friends and while talking to them a lot of the time I paid close attention. You may ask how I did that and the answer is practice. We watched a few documentaries on various mental illnesses in class which I found to be very interesting and surprisingly, most of the class did too. And alas this is the force that made me want to write a story on it. I didn’t want to do a text book style book or screenplay but a creative approach by developing a character going through the disability.

My narration isn’t only about mental illness because like I said before, it could get a little bit like a text book. So again I did research to spice the character up a little which will be a surprise so you’ll have to tune in. What I hope to achieve is to gather the most superior information for an authentic type story. This goes far beyond an interest in psychology.

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