So I have to write a short entry tonight, I spent the whole night getting ready for the trip, no I need to get a little sleep before I leave in the morning.  The last 3 days were really great though. It has just been amazing with the kids! They are definitely work though, I have no idea how Apryl did this, virtually by herself for this long, I will say it again, you are a STRONG women, holy shit.  And I want to spend everyday from here on out doing as much for you as I can, you deserve it. It was nice just hanging out, today was the first day I didn’t read in to things to deeply, just kind of took it at face value, and I think we had a great day. Played with the kids, Apryl asked me to stay and play with Jack 🙂 so she could get ready for the trip, and it just kind of lead to a great afternoon/evening with all of us. Helped around the house, which is no problem for me now that I don’t constantly think I have something “better” to be doing, made us dinner master chef style 😉 and then helped get the kids clean and in bed. Just a really great night. Since I have come to terms with the situation a little more, I am able to just enjoy the moments even more! Like today, you and I just sat there and watched the kids play in the pool for like 30 minutes, just laughing non stop, that was so nice. You are so fun to be around, you make me laugh, you make me feel at ease (most the time, when you aren’t hangry ;), we make a pretty damn good team (when I’m apart of it) and we both want the same things for our babies. That is one of the biggest things I have been thinking about lately, I just couldn’t imagine another women ever caring, or even giving a crap about our kids like you do, like we do, together. I couldn’t imagine someone else, when they are already exhausted, don’t want to do anything etc etc, still taking the time like you do to make sure our babies are cared for, fed, given attention, given discipline! Idk, like I said, trying now to not read too much in to things, continue to evolve and grow in to the father and man I want to be, and continue to become friends with you, so far, it’s all been great, these last 3 days are the best days I can remember in a long time, and all I had to do was choose to put myself aside and participate… Anyway, thank you for giving me a chance this week, I have to get sleep now!!

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