weird shit

i’m not really up to talking yet.till pretty weak and wobbly and i’m weaning myself down to taking myself off the painkillers for real. gonna suck and it’ll make me bedridden, but its better than the alternative of a hard detox. they sent me home with 42 and promised to get me immediate referrals to a pain doc and gp in the same facility and are now dicking me around.

i have made other progress though. i have a case manager at long last. i’m broken enough i’m allowed that and have access to local help as well. Kathy, my case manager, is an absolute sweetheart. she apparently had so much fun talking to me during the intake process that she asked if i minded if she assigned herself to my case. (grinning) not at all. i had a blast talking to you too. (repeats the 3 word insider joke A.T.C.) hehehehehehe


as to how close i got to out? (shrugs) i came back by CHOICE to keep a promise to my 2 best friends. i made it. i know what’s out there. (brings my personal deathtoll up to 2. i’m a double highpriestess now LOLOLOLOL) and i’ve only told 1 person what i saw and experienced. it was REALLY hard to convince myself to come back.


okjay. i need to take a bit of a percoset and allergy and ibrupofin (those i’m still taking even if i did have to buy the damn things myself) and lay down again.



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