What I’ve been up to

I haven’t been on FB for what feels like months and today I decided to log in again. I had so many lovely messages and posts, I couldn’t even imagine people would miss me. And I missed them – I know it sounds cheesy and weird but they are more than just friends I met online but they became my family somewhere along the way. I guess that’s why I came back to FB. 🙂


So, what happened in the time I was not online?


Siri celebrated her 3rd birthday and Watson celebrated his 1st! My sister turned 22.


I was invited to “the parents'” birthday bash which was something else… His father was really overprotective and very caring, it was kinda awkward. He said they want me to feel comfortable so that I would drop by more often. The parents like me more than their daughter-in-law… I can’t blame them 😉


We rescued more bunnies. It started with a 10 year old black bunny named Charlie. He used to live outside in a hutch. His bunny friend had passed away quite some time ago and unfortunately they didn’t even get along. They lived together but were lonely nevertheless. He was also afraid of humans. I took him with me, did my best to socialize him. He’s still afraid of the others (probably because they outnumber him and he can’t tell ’em apart) but he’s doing incredibly well. He isn’t afraid of humans anymore, as a matter of fact, he comes to greet me when I come back and he likes to get his nose rubbed. He understood exactly how to use the bunny toilet, he refuses to eat pellets anymore (for which I’m very thankful) and goes for fruits and veggies. He’s such a cutie. The day I brought him home, I was asked to take another two bunnies. I declined because at one point you run out of space. Well, after they threatened to release them into the wild if they can’t find a place, my sister took them. One of them must have been abused badly! When you try to pet him, he goes berserk! We’re pretty sure they have lifted him up on his ears or hit his head many times! They also lived in the tiniest cage imagineable and we’re aggressive towards each other. We try to find a loving family for them with the help of our vet.


I also wanted to “adopt” three baby bunnies and two angoras. A vicarage around here keeps breeding and is giving them away for free. “Smart” move… especially for angora bunnies that have to be groomed every day and fleeced every few months. Ugh… it was in that moment when I realized that I want to help and rescue animals more than I do right now.

Many houses are in foreclosure now, so I wouldn’t need a lot of money to buy a (farm) house with stables to remodel for the animals. I still think about starting a GoFundMe or whatever page.

I thought about the idea a lot and to my surprise I got a miniature house from the bf who I hadn’t told about it. It was a cardboard house for the cats and it took me 6 hours to turn it into my almost dream-house 😉


I was on staycation this week and read a lot. A LOT! I bought a hibiscus and two orchids. Now I have 48 orchids. 😀


My boss was an unbearable pain in the arse for the past weeks. There was one funny story though: He went to the pharmacy and took his dog with him. And he wouldn’t return. He came back after 45 minutes! Then he told me that he tied his 40 kg dog to a 20 kg kick stand with a promotional sign on top and went into the pharmacy. All of a sudden he saw the kick stand with the sign rush by the window. He ran outside to see a woman holding onto the sign and his dog running straight to the parking cars. *lmao* My boss is like Mr. Bean. Now I understand why he told me once that Mr. Bean is his “hero”(!!!).

I think that’s it… See, I’m a bore 😉


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