Back at work – my boss the zombie lover

Well, well… even though it’s kinda nice when boss tells me it’s “wonderful” that I’m back, I don’t want to be there 😀 It was okay, though. No crying on the way to work or on the way home.


Boss was really chatty, as always when I was away or after weekends. Apparently he watched a heck of a lot of zombie movies, and he plans on buying a crossbow. He takes the zombie apocalypse seriously! He got a water filter for his birthday and was ecstatic!

Zombie movies… I’m sure he watched them at work. His russian wife doesn’t want him to watch any other zombie movies than The Walking Dead (which isn’t even a movie). That gold-digging lady is kinda special… well, don’t get me started…


Boss knows no privacy when it comes to talk about his life (I know about his pathetic sex life *lol*), so you’d expect him to talk about his wife and son but did he do? Talk about zombie movies. Which he likes best now that he has seen more, asking if I can recommend some…


His dog didn’t bite me today, I guess he was happy that I pointed it out to my boss that doggy has got an eye infection. (I swear to God, it looks like boss is getting a pink eye as well!) He hasn’t noticed which is odd considering there was pus all over his eye.


We got the firebug case that kept the city busy. One of firebugs is part of the volunteer fire brigade… OF COURSE!


And file this under “No good deed goes unpunished” – I gave the previous owner of the black rescue bunny an update (she’s the only one who ever showed interest after handing a pet over) on Charlie and that he’s terrified of tomatoes. She had the nerve to say “Why do you feed him tomatoes?! He’s going to have the runs and get sick.”

In my head I was like “Bitch, please! You fed him pellets which causes a bunny to use a jaw muscle they usually never use while eating. Due to that they develop an inflammation of said muscle. Besides, pellets are the worst for a bunny stomach. They can even die from that crap!” But I said: “I offered him pellets but he prefered eating veggies and fruits. He hasn’t got the runs. He simply hates tomatoes. You know, pellets aren’t healthy for bunnies. He’s okay.”


I want to slap people in the face.


Watson was unhappy that I was leaving this morning. I wouldn’t finish his milk-egg – and he loooooooves it! He was so excited when I came back home! Siri was more like “Well, it’s about time, I want a treat. You can leave afterwards.” Watson hasn’t left my side for 3 1/2 hours 😀

My back hurts… ugh… I’m getting old… 😉

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