Ballet is a funny concept. Lets put on painful shoes and stretch our boys in ways it shouldn’t just to please peoples eyes. Except dancers don’t usually think of it that way, they think that they love the feeling of finally understanding a dance or an action. It’s like a drug. When you land a double pirouette or you finally get the splits, it’s a feeling of accomplishment and happiness. This amazing feeling is what makes us endure the pain because we know the pain will lead us to this beautiful feeling. It’s the same feeling a runner gets when they finally beat their personal record because after all the sweat and tears they accomplished their goal. For ballet, after all the blisters and sore legs comes an amazing beautiful performance and when you look back on it you can think “i did that and it was amazing”. All these hobbies that rarely make professions are how people get this feeling. For instruments, when you finally learn that song you’ve been working on for weeks, when you hit that note that you didn’t think you could possibly sing, that excitement is overwhelming and addiction, and thats why people continue with their hobbies but if the feeling starts to go away then people give up and quit because they don’t have a reason to continue. Ballet is a funny concept but somehow I never want to quit.


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