A Lost Treasure, FOUND! Part 1

Hi, I went on this site for a very specific reason! I found the biggest, largest treasure ever to be found in my life! What is it you ask, I’ll get on to that later. But, have you ever heard of a place called heavan ?    WAIT DON’T LEAVE! LISTEN PLEASE YOU’LL LOVE WHAT YOU LEARN!!  Everyone knows Jesus lives in heavan. YEAH,YEAH GET ON TO THE TREASURE! OK DON’T RUSH ME! Anyway! if you take your time to read this you’ll understand. Now there is a rapture it could be this year or next year. Jesus SAID, “I will come like  a theift in the night.” No one will be suspecting him. I KNOW, SOME OF YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING AND WAITING! Don’t give up hope. Jesus would of come days or months ago but, he kept pulling time back so his preciouse  beloved humans can REPENT  and live with him in heaven! I thank Jesus that he pulled the time back because, if he didn’t I’d never be able to take some more time to repent! I love JESUS! And I WILL DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES TO BE IN HIS HANDS!  TO BE CONTINUED……. No I DIDN’T WASTE YOUR TIME!    Thank YOU! stay tuned! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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