So it’s been a while since Jaycie and I went out for the first and only time. Since then she’s been acting a bit cold, she’s short with her text messages and that’s if I even get one. On the other hand when she sees me at work she’s all over me..confusing I know. I asked her if I need to back off and she said no, again, confusing. I only ask if I need to back off to gauge how much she wants to be part this new adventure, in the end it’s all up to me, I just don’t want to emotionally hurt the girl, as she’s been though a lot already. I’m willing to walk away if I can find someone to replace her with. Married women are ideal because they usually know the rules of the game and know how to implement them. And when it’s time to dispose of them, they understand. Oh yeah, I get bored quick and that’s why I’m always on the hunt.

I had the opportunity to plunge her but again, I’m trying to be nice. She asked me that night to carry her to bed and at that point I was under the influence of my penis advisor. I carried her to bed and I so wanted to penetrate her and make poetry instead of writing it.

I have a feeling that she might feel like she’s not good enough since I didn’t spray my man fat in her wet hole.

I was able to leave her room without fornicating but damn it, did I want to.. She’s very pretty but she seems tender and that’s just not fun.

I might see her today at work, I hope I do, I like her hugs.

I will write more once I’m given more material.

5 thoughts on “Hunting”

  1. Why you want to nice with her?
    Why do you feel you need to protect her feelings?
    Does she know you’re married and won’t leave your wife?
    Which are the reasons your wife hasn’t leave you?
    Get bored? Why?
    Do women annoy you after you know them better?
    It seems none of them had satisficed you in all aspects..
    Have you ever thought about which features a woman has to have to be perfect for you?

    Sorry for all this questions.. I’m just curious ^^

  2. As you too.
    I work in the same office with my friend Colombia.
    By the way I’ll make some changes in my recent post so that a English speaker can understand my ideas using a translator..

  3. Although His girlfriend works with us, He yearn to know about my life -_- perhaps He gets bored and looks for me who always is able to answer his questions and entertainment him -_-

    but I want just affection from him. And He only wants sex with me..
    I call him “my friend” because He took my first kiss and never had mistread me until this last friday..
    I watched him kissing his girlfriend in the office’s entry.
    Bad for me I got a good image memory, and each time I remind that scene I get nauseous, I feel really sick.
    Although I already know He got his girlfriend He used to be carefully for me not to watch them affectionally together. But that display of love was intentional. He knew I would be there in that time of the day.
    But well.. It’s his girlfriend and everybody knows about it.. It’s her job after all..

  4. I’m gonna answer you in the order you asked the questions.

    I want to be nice because she’s younger than me, has a good heart, She’s been hurt before and since I work with her I don’t want to create a bad environment around us. She also has a lot baggage she drags along from childhood, she also had a bad experience with a guy who she was in love with and things didn’t work out.

    She knows I’m married and she also knows that woman will grow old with me.

    My wife loves me too much even thought I don’t deserve it, she has sting family values and its hard to make someone who has those values to think otherwise.
    Plus we have three beautiful children.

    Women don’t annoy me but I do get bored after a while.
    I’m sure there are unresolved issues in my life that make me have the need for being with different women and never find the satisfaction. I must say thought, my sexual experience with Sandra is amazing!
    Jacey is more like a challenge but at the same time I know she’s an easy prey, I just want to let her live her life without me causing anymore damage.

    I have the perfect one.
    She’s smart, classy, caring, loving, great mom, passionate, loyal, independent, good looking..I guess having the attention of women is something that makes me feel great, to be able to fulfill their needs, to sexually take them to virgin places….the dirtier and more passionate the better.
    I have a thing for married women, I love the thrill of getting caught, again, I love a challenge.

    Do you have sex with Colombia?

  5. Nop.. I’ve not had sex with him.. I’ve explainned in my posts 🙂
    He wanted to be my first one. Because He knows how big is my disposition to learn “everything” about this adult life <3

    Although we had made out, I decided not to take the next step (have sex) with him..

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