Its been a while..

Well some time has passed and iv been alright! Me and aaron offically  broke up. Well theres no story to be told there. Life goes on. And well for me im really just hunting for myself. Its been peaceful  its been great. Hanging out with friends over the weekend and just realizing  how beautiful  life is. People come into our lives for a reason and even if that time with them ends, life still goes on. I am making goals for myself which is a GREAT start. Hopefully by the end of august ill be signing up for college for radiology  its a perfect time to just focus on me. In the meantime im sure ill have my moments of being lonely and wondering what if? But some things just dont need  questions because they have no answers. 

This is going to be a crazy ride but im ready to go into this like a champ.  Im happy with myself, but you can always better your life, its never to late.




goodnight u beautiful people 💕💕

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