Semi Sweet Husband

You drink.


Every night.

I love you and I know you love me.

Why else would you put up with late nights.. staying up waiting for me to come home.. high as shit.

Sleeping and waking up alone to find your truck gone. Not knowing where I am.

Sleeping and waking up to find your truck gone, your wallet emptied, not knowing where I am.

Finding out that the money you gave me just the day before for my medicine went elsewhere.

You choose not to ask, but you know.

You take me crying, crazy eyed and helpless.

Dramatic flailing.

Losing job after job.

Stealing from your mother.

Stealing from my mother.

Extra miles on the truck. Running it out of gas.



All the lies.


and Lying.

I know you love me because you still call me your wife.

Youre still looking for a place for us to live on our own.

You still kiss me.

You still hug me.

Youre distant, but who am I to blame you for everything that ive done to you.

I will make this better.

I will be your perfect little housewife.

I will bare your children.

I will cook for you. Clean for you.

Make love to you.

Give you oral whenever you ask.



Time will tell if you allow me to do these things for you.

For right now.. I know what I need to do.

I need to calm the fuck down. Stop being dramatic and needy.

Take my medication the right way. Space out my xanax.

Keep quiet. Back off and let you come to me.

Stop asking for so much. Just the essentials. Cigs, alcohol, food drink and my sons necessities.

Get into my drug classes needed for court… THIS MONTH.

Pretend I dont have sexual needs…. Cause it annoys you. ..yea.

Then … youll come around and we will be a happy family again.

I need you. I need our life. Our future.

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