For someone to not love animals I can only assume that they are a horrible person and probably would be doing them selves and the world a favor by not contributing to the human population. I love animals so much.  I believe that animals should be loved the same way as you would love one of your own family members or close friends. I do not think someone should have more animals than the space they are limited to. I still think a certain level or cleanliness should be kept where you house animals and with that being said god  I hate fleas.!!These blood sucking creatures are just as bad as mosquito’s  except a lot better at hiding. My families animals are currently infested with fleas. When I pet the dogs fur against the grain I see them begin to scurry to where the animals fur is thick and warm. My boyfriend went to kiss his dog on the nose and one jumped from our pups nose to his face. There was some humor in this but at the same time it is gross and irritating. We have tried a couple different things to get rid of them but nothing seems to be working, I laid down on the floor before I began to start my journal. The dog is on the bed and knowing a bunch of bugs are crawling around right next to me wasn’t the most comforting. When I laid front side down I noticed some fleas crawling and hoping around on the carpet 🙁 I definitely have my work cut out for . We are moving into a new house and I do not wish to take any of the damn fleas with me. 

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