Just can’t wait for Friday

It is Wednesday night 10:47 PM and I’m trying to wrap up my day. Just one more day tomorrow then I’m off for 5 days till next Tuesday. I just can’t wait. I already saw some posts on Facebook that some people are already in New York for the Big Apple Roll. I’m gonna leave on Friday with Kajta. Hope she feels better by now so she can enjoy the trip.

Not much going on with my life. It just has been same for pretty much everyday. Little bit of struggling at work to explain about web development process because people just think website as Theme Forest themes and not realize how important to get the design customized on your product. Well it’s kind of been my daily life at work anyways.

Always thinking for the ideas but so far no good. Nothing really catches my mind and gets me excited. I feel like I just need some break and this New York trip takes care of it hopefully.

Just quick note on my week. Monday, I went out skating with new wheels. I think I got the fastest average time per mile for 10 miles. 4:55 mins per miles. Tuesday, I got lazy just stayed at home drinking Mojito with J. Today, I went out for easy skating for 12 miles.

That’s about it for today.

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