I like you, I like you, and I like you,
stop saying her name when it’s mine
you should be uttering so it fills me
with hope and the wonder of the

I’m upset and I’m tied of not being a
choice or the reason why your eyes
are shining brighter than the stars.

I am here and so are you, but the
wall is cracked with our haunting
pasts that will not leave even if we
ask. I do not know how to make the
scars disappear for they have a way
of slipping through the teeniest of

I think you can understand me, but it
is just my imagination of building
you up in my head as the victor. I am
trying to ease my mind of you being
my savior when, as of now, you are
my destruction.

I am still here and you are a million
miles away with your mind and your
eyes staring at every other girl. I
must not be enough for you or
anyone else.

Chocolate cures all problems until
I’m spilling my guts to the sinner,
the root of all my problems.

I’m addicted to the dreams; you
make this ache go away, even if it’s
for just a few minutes. The minutes
are soon over and I am breaking at
every fault line. Why is my life like

I do not know what each day will
bring, but you will not be by my side.
I will not be the chosen one; I will
not get a second glance.

– the stanzas of liking a boy who does not notice you

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