The right thing to do

So, here’s the thing. I have a girlfriend and I’m thinking to break up with her after our graduation. I’m a crazy ass I know, I know. It’s just that I can’t take it anymore. Some person who has this kind of relationship can fight it as long as they are happy with their partner and relationship as well. But for me, yea I’m happy and contented as shit but I always think what God really want me to do. This earthly living, this kind of living in here, it affects my relationship with Him. I’m always repenting and in the other hand disobeying Him. I’m tired. I’m happy but I know this is not the true happiness. Because I know, with God, and his intentions are really the true happiness in this world that a man can feel. “Do not be conformed by this world” says in a bible verse. I respect every person in this relationship as well I respect my girlfriend. I’m teaching her the Word of God and sometimes I’m saying “your husband will be proud of you” and she’ll start nagging me if we won’t be together in the future marrying each other. You know, I can’t look her straight in the eyes. I’m hurt and confused. But still, I’ll help her, step by step. I want her to meet her own happiness. God’s pure intentions to the both of us. Because God, He’s the only one that is JUST.

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