scars on the inside, scars on the outside.

scars to see, scars to feel.

scars seen by others, scars seen only by me.

scars felt on skin, scars felt on soul.

scars you know are there;

scars i know are there.

every scar a memory, a reminder.

every scar unique, yet ordinary.

scars of life and scars of death.

scars of pain, yet joy.

scars i hide in plain sight,

scars shown openly without fear.

harshly scarred but not ugly.

beauty comprised of scars.

who i am is created by scars.

who i was is remembered by scars.

a deformed scar yet a beauty mark.

each one with a different story.

each scar a different version of me.

scarred on the inside, still beauty inside.

scarred on the outside, still outer beauty.

alas, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder.

every sight sees differently.

every touch feels differently.

and yet here i am still, still just me.

copyright Misty Tittel

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