The first was given to me years ago,
And I placed it in alone in the book.
Tonight I was gifted with another,
And it was placed in the nearly complete book.
So many memories, so many different letters;
All kept alive in my book.
Read, then re-read until I could quote,
All side by side in my book.
Words of love in priceless ink on gifted paper,
All folded safely… and time goes on around my book.
Every letter you’ve written me,
Our “secrets” protected in my book.
Special drawings of which you gave life,
A gallery in the pages in my book.
The photographs show missing gaps in the film
That is created when I look through the book.
There are copies of poems I had written for you, about….
Ready to be released from the boundaries of my book.
Pictures verify the tales told by our marriage certificate,
Lying to face one another in the front of my book.
A cold winter’s day, that was when we wed,
Our happiness of the moment is in the book.
Souvenirs and secrets. Letters and poetry.
Ever so carefully placed in the book.
Photographs and drawings, certificates and memories….
The rest of the collection in my book.
And here we are, you and I.
Sitting in front of my book.
Soul mates, lovers, best friends, husband and wife:
Always and Forever may we stay in Fate’s book.

07/22/2008ÓMisty Ann Tittel

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