Bunnies and blah blah blah – saturday laziness

Work was okay and yet I’m so terribly happy that it’s over.

I went outside with the bunnies and the two new abused ones where aggressive at first. Luckily my kiddos were really cool. Nobody can tell me that they don’t communicate or aren’t empathic because I know they are. My wild bunch tends to hold a grudge and they ran up to their Mama but they didn’t this time. Well, at one point one of them got really frustrated and they got a beating. From that point on they reacted like bunnies in fear – not by attacking the others but by running away.

After I grabbed one to brush him, she started clicking her teeth because she liked it so much. From that moment on we were buddies. She’s kinda like a puppy now. The other one, Foxy, not so much. She doesn’t like to be petted- yet.


Aaaaaaand someone dropped by to hand over a little swallow. That poor fella was in a bad shape. 🙁 Unfortunately it passed away last night. The crickets we bought to feed him were released into the garden.


Today I received the two books that I ordered but instead of having a lazy saturday, i was busy busy busy. And I didn’t even do the stuff I had the intention to get done. Now I am to exhausted (a.k.a. lazy!) to read. I don’t even know what to watch on youtube. Don’t tell me to watch TV because I don’t even own one! when that thing broke several years ago I didn’t replace it. Which is actually a good thing.


Of course it’s raining again! Like almost every single day on my vacation. 😀


I really want to eat unhealthy junk now but I know better. Besides I had a whole lot of salad…


(The bunnies are driving me nuts right now, grunting at each other… one chases the other… can’t wait until they get along perfectly…)


Ugh, I’m even too lazy to type more 😀

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